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To iterate is human, to recurse divine."
- L. Peter Deutsch
Tend to agree? Then we have just the things you need.

CodeStorm is an on campus event in which participants need to write code for a given set of problems. The event will mainly focus on the ability of the participants to code problems as quick as they can. The one who solves maximum number of problems correctly in the allotted time shall be adjudged the winner.

the rules

r Teams of maximum two.
r The contest would be of 3.5 hours duration and on campus.
r The language that will be allowed is C/C++.
r The participants would have to work on UNIX platform and GCC compilers.
r The contest would have two phases.
     1. Phase 1: A written test mainly teasers, MCQ’s and fill ups.
     2. Phase 2: A set of subjective problems with increasing complexity
r At most three reference books are allowed.
r Use of internet will not be permitted.

judging criteria

The team with the maximum score will be declared winner. In case of tie, the time of submission will be considered to decide the winner. The decision of the judging committee will be final and binding.

Codestorm (click on the image to enlarge)

event details

On-spot registrations are welcome. Registrations will begin 30 minutes prior to commencement of the event.
Official Event Page
Click here to download practice problems


Mihir Patil

Rahul Verma

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