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We humans interpret colors in many different ways. A red light at an intersection, for example means "stop". A green means "go". Ever felt what it would be like to design robots which would do the same? Come APOGEE 2011 and you have the best platform to try make one for yourself! All you need to do is, use all the wizardry that you can muster , to make your bot recognise the colour that a bulb glows and push a ball of the same colour along.

event eligibility

r Participants should fill in their details in the registration form available on the Apogee 2011 website. Teams with incomplete registration will not be allowed to participate.
r The competition is open only to students. Both undergraduate and graduate students can participate in this event.
r The team may consist of at most four members. Students from different educational institutes can form a team.
r An individual cannot be a member of more than one team for the event.
r All participants should carry a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes during the event.


Click here to download the image of the arena as seen by camera.
Click here to download the second view of the arena.

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event details

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Rishabh Mehrotra

Rushabh Agrawal

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