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MindSweeper is a computer game which is a hybrid of MineSweeper and logic. MindSweeper has 3 exciting levels each progressively more difficult in this mind-boggling event. If you suspect a square contains a mine, flag it. Each correct flagging fetches points. Study the pattern ,follow the rules, exercise your gray cells and solve the puzzle. People say you can use only 10% of your brain.

You think you are better than that? Prove it.

the rules

r Uncover a mine and the game asks you to save score and proceed to the next level or play the level again.
r Uncover an empty square and you keep playing.
r Uncover a symbol and decipher it, and it tells you how many mines lay hidden in the eight surrounding squares—information you use to deduce which nearby squares are safe to click.

judging criteria

More the number of correctly flagged mines, more you score. The faster you clear the board , the better your score. Each correct solution to the problems also boosts up your score.

Codestorm (click on the image to enlarge)

event details

On the spot registration.
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Nipun Jain

Gaurav Kumar

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