about smash the bug

This is an On-Campus contest which puts forward a series of programs in JAVA with very trivial and subtle errors (bugs). The participant would have to identify the bugs and debug the code to get the correct/appropriate output for all valid test cases. This would essentially be a test of the programming logic,conceptual and implementation skills of the participants in JAVA.

problem statement

The participant will be given a snakes and ladders screen where each block will be maintained as a clickable link to a corresponding problem. At the start of the game only starting block can be clicked and the remaining blocks are in a state of non-clickable links. After solving each problem, the next block will become a clickable link.

the rules

Teams of at most two.
The contest will be of two hours duration.
The participants will have to work on J2SDK 1.6 platform.
internet access is not allowed
Participants will be provided with JAVA documentation.
At most three reference books are allowed
Participants are not allowed to use any IDE and should work with only java compiler(javac)

judging criteria

Contenders will be evaluated on the basis of number of bugs eliminated, extent to which given programming logic is disturbed and efficiency of debugged codes.

Smash the Bug (click on the image to enlarge)

event details

Registration of participants will be done on campus during Apogee 2011.
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Maheshwar Reddy
+91 9784289777

Pavan Kumar Reddy

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