Events at Apogee 2012


Istrike is an image processing bot making contest consisting of 2 rounds. The objective is to make the bot traverse a grid of roads in minimum time by processing the image obtained from an overhead camera provided. The bot should obey the traffic rules at intersections and must avoid the road blocks. To participate and for more details, register yourself at


Reason, Logic, Rationale and a Spirit to Compete : Do these characterise you? MINDsweeper, now a two day event brings to you a plethora of mind-boggling Puzzles, vivid Games and a freshly added Tournament Round that shall set your heartbeats to a new level. So get ready for the Challenge! Come, PROVE YOURSELF! Want to get bonus points or a direct entry to the Tournament Round? Watch out for Puzzles to be posted on the Facebook Page!
Anushree mindsweeper2k12[at]gmail[dot]com
Anjali csaevents[at]bits-apogee[dot]org


Think you can write code to solved problems? Can you do it in constrained time? This apogee, beat the clock and code your way to the top.CodeStorm is an on campus event in which participants need to write code for a given set of problems. The event will mainly focus on the ability of the participants to code problems as quick as they can. The one who solves maximum number of problems correctly in the allotted time shall be adjudged the winner.

Windows Phone Hackathon:

This year APOGEE, the kernel event Windows Phone Hackathon gives you an opportunity to implement your ideas for phone app development and wi exciting prizes. Sponsered by Microsoft, this is one of the major events being conducted by Computer Science Association. So, participate in this all night Software Development Marathon mentored by Microsoft officials and give your ideas a final shape.


Is Java your cup of tea? Smash the Bug provides the perfect test for your Java mettle.A huge successful APOGEE event that throws Java code at you, and asks you to debug them


CyberFiesta: A national level software design contest involving presentation of pre-developed utility-based software developed by you. Hop into the arena, where your only weapons are your software, your code, your binaries. And, at the end, they'll be hailed, those who understand to the core, the secret o' success, "creativity sans limits is the only norm"

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