Pre-Apogee Events


With more than 300 participants and 1800 submissions.... Coder 2012 comes to an end. Owing to the requests of the participants citing prior commitments, the problem-setters would be conducting a meet for discussion and analysis of problems and solutions next week on Monday, 12th March. There would also be a discussion to decide on the approach to be taken by the Competition Programming SIG at the same meet. Also, the rankings were hidden from the participants from 7pm onwards and have undergone change since then. The results too would be announced on the same day after verification of solutions (for authenticity and originality) by the judges


'Qrious', a yet another online riddle but coupled with exceptional enticing charms was an opener to the APOGEE 2k12 season for us. The event was online from the 12th of February up till the 18th and garnered the attention of 123 unique institutions over the country with a total participation count of above 900. The Facebook page dedicated to it overflowed with activity as it served as the event forum. The questions featured required bits of reasoning, remote viewing and yes, intelligent googling. Hence began the 'CSA intrusion' into APOGEE 2012. A promising one indeed

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