The Omniscient Bot

o Team: Rama Krishna Reddy K, Ruchir Hajela, Rishabh Mehrotra, Rushabh Agrawal
o First Prize in Communication and Network Systems
o Objective: An Android based cloud-robotics implementation incorporating speech, gesture and face recognition along with self-navigation capabilities as well as integrating social networking features in the same. Project Weblink

Info Miners

o Team: Rishabh Mehrotra, Syed Aqueel Haider
o Second Prize in Software Design - Adaptive Technology
o Objective: To develop a Business Intelligence model which automatically crawls the web for corporate news articles and using techniques of language processing coupled with classification algorithms, finds the polarity of the sentiment expressed in the article.

DoS Shield

o Team: Pavan Kumar J.S,Sandeep Kaul, Akash Rastogi, Sampath Kumar M
o Second Prize in Communication and Network Systems
o Objective: Design and implementation of an intelligent web server, which detects and prevents Denial of Service (DOS) and Distributed-Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on itself.

Swarm Intelligence based architecture design

o Team: Siddharth Seth, Akash Saxena
o Second Prize in Infrastructure
o Objective: To design a virtual infrastructure taking various parameters like the number of people and size of the structure to simulate evacuation process using Swarm Intelligence to avoid stampede by placing the exit gates, pillars, etc. at strategic locations taking into consideration human behavior : individual and collective.


o Team: Nishank Varshney, Rama Krishna Reddy K, Siddharth Seth
o Second Prize in Software Application and Design
o Objective: You might have heard of people telling you where they went throughout the day but ever thought of telling somebody about your daily routine in form of a music? In today's life everybody is so busy with their work that there is hardly any fun left in their lives. This application is for creating fun out of your work.

Tourist Rickshaw Helper

o Team: Bhargav Golla, Anirudh Mallem
o First Prize in Transportation
o Objective: Many tourists and Indians (when they go to other states) have difficulty in communicating with the auto rickshaw drivers who are the most contacted during any trip. So to solve the problem, our project, a website, detects the present location of user, asks him to enter a destination. It will also give the expected fare and provide a sound output in local language saying "Take me to my destination".

from previous apogees

Graphological Analysis Software

o Team: Pranav Agarwal, Parijat Bandyopadhyay
o First Prize in Signal Processing
o Objective: The main objective of the project is to determine the personality of the person with the help of his/her handwritten pages fed into the software, the science of which is being called graphology.

Alternative Route Prediction using Cellular Automata and Swarm Intelligence

o Team: Natthu Bharambe, Rajat Tibrewal, Harshad Deshmukh
o Second Prize in Transportation
o Objective: The project aims to decongest the traffic jams by suggesting alternative routes in case of multiple paths between two points.

Content based semantic file management system

o Team: Soumyadeep Ghosh ,Aastha Mehta and Ankur Bansal
o Objective: To come up with a content-based semantic file management system that can classify files in a computer system according to their content and user-defined semantics.

RDBMS to OODBMS convertor

o Team: Saurabh Agarwal, Siddharth Chatrola, Parshad R. Patel, Puneet Jain, Nitish Vaidhya
o Objective: To convert the existing Relational Databases to Object oriented databases. OODBMS are far much more efficient than RDBMS, the reason for their not being popular is that people did not want to change, providing a virtual layer, won't affect the old applications and data storage will be efficient.

BCUID (Biometrically Controlled User Identification Database)

o Team: Aman Gupta, Rohit Bhat, Vignesh Gowda, Vipul Aggarwal, Umang Dhawan, Abhishek Kumar, Vikash Kumar
o Objective: To develop a universal database of individuals who would be biometrically controlled and would function as a single key to all common essential services that involve recognition.

Swarm Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning

o Team: Roshan Priyadarshi, Mayank Mohta
o Objective: We propose to use techniques of swarm intelligence to build a collection of software swarm agents. These swarm agents will be provided some limited learning capacity through feedback; consequently we will attempt to use these agents to solve some real world problems.

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